Development Workshop

6 Jan

Back in 2011…

The 13th of December to be more accurate, Architecture & Design Scotland, Stirling Council, Snook and the SUSS Ground Team came together for a further development workshop to identify which direction Start Up Street Stirling might take heading into 2012.

It was a lively day, where directed by Snook we blueprinted – or mapped out all the stages – of the service SUSS should provide in 2012.  The blueprint took up the majority of the workshop and the resulting outcomes were condensed into a report which included a list of outcomes and actions.

We discussed a range of topics, some of which included SUSS customer types, people who might be using the service. Alongside this, we need to consider how to push Start Up Street to more people in Stirling. (If  you know anyone who you think might be interested, please get them involved!)

We also developed a six month forecast taking us into June 2012 when the Olympic torch will be arriving in Stirling. In this, one of the most important things for SUSS going forward into the new year will be getting partners on board. We have had a really positive response from the public so far, and are now looking to get local business on board to really grow this venture.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our post on the recent Mary Portas High Street review, where you can get a feel for how important what we are all are trying to achieve in Stirling is. So please, get involved, get onboard, tell your family and your friends and lets get enterprising in Stirling.


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