Startup Street is a new way producing a meaningful change in Stirling; taking all the good stuff that already exists in Stirling and connecting it together in a new way.

The project began through conversations in early 2011 that something could be done with King Street and the closed shop fronts.  If start up business could replace the covered shop fronts a sense of vibrancy could be injected into King Street.  A project was developed over the summer to pull together ideas and a process that could mobilise a community and build a service to make Start Up Street work.

The project seeks to run prototypes up to the June 2012, then to have a functioning service in place, embedded in Stirling City Council that can grow over time.

Watch the video below to find out more:


We believe Start Up Street is something worth getting really excited about.

Stirling has its ups and its downs. It has a rich historic background attracting tourists from around the world. For it’s citzens however, there is a really big gap between rich and poor and a very high level of unemployment which Stirling council want to fix. They want to bring meaningful economic activity to Stirling’s citizens, especially it’s young people and in their own words are “determined to tackle this.”

We think the most exciting, worthwhile and accomplished part of Stirling is found in it’s people. In you. You possess the knowledge and the skills necessary to help transform the future of Stirling. Imagine a street where this local skill and knowledge is brought together to create something bigger. Something better. Stirling has the street – King Street. Now it just needs ideas to fill it.

I guess you are wondering how you could go about doing that? Well how about this…

Stirling could be the first to tackle the rising issue surrounding health and wellbeing in Scotland head on using the CityLab as a hub to come up with the idea of reopening the Ballroom and getting people back into dancing…

King Street currently has seven empty shops…

The first shop could be a dance studio; sponsored by adidas and aimed at training people to learn how to dance for the upcoming ballroom event. Stirling university could run the second and third shops: one which holds textiles workshops in the space, making dresses for sale and for rent and curtains all for the ballroom, and the second bringing computers and technical equipment to the space to train people in using graphics programs. This could be done through making posters and marketing campaigns for the ballroom. A bagpipe shop could occupy the fourth shop;  making the pipes and provides craft facilities whilst the University textile shop makes the bags. They could produce a range of pipes to be played at the Ballroom event and make little ornamental pipes to sell to the tourists. The fifth, sixth and seven shops could link in too, bringing the buzz back to King Street.

So what does all this mean to the economy of Stirling? It means people utilise their skills to help each other and goods get sold. Dresses, bagpipes,souvenirs, Adidas shoes, ballroom tickets, film tickets, even a new business – meanwhile all of this is tackling a bigger social need of trying to encourage s health and wellbeing.

And it involves everyone. Young kids, Stirling’s locals, its university, the archivists who keeps its history alive, corporate companies here to bring in more money, business gateways and young emerging talents.

The culmination of all of these resources, assets and ideas will result in the space on King Street being transformed. This wont be a quick fix, but with your help we can help rejuvenate Stirling into a hub of activity.

Start Up Street Stirling – What will you start up?


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