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Sneak Preview

30 Jul

Check out the images below for a preview of what you can expect to see if you head to 58 Murray Place.

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Popuphood: The future of high streets?

18 Jan

“These partnerships that we are making, this is the new model, its no longer going to be; just put in a big box store somewhere and hope that everyone else follows suit.”

In September 2011, Alfonso Dominguez and Sarah Filley launched popuphood, “a small business incubator revitalising neighbourhoods”. The popuphood model epitomises what we are trying build on in King Street. It represents a unified community, willing to contribute to, and support one another to help realise bigger goals.

“It’s really hard to open one small business what we need is a group that can stand together.”

And whats great? It works. They have made it work. Inspirational? We think so. Possible here? Absolutely. It doesn’t matter who we support, its the process by which this all happens that will make it a success:

“Someone’s not going to come and hand you £100,000 to open a shop. You really have to scrape and figure stuff out and work with people and collaborate and it makes people who are starting business more creative and edgy because of that.”

Have a look at their video below and see what you think.


Building A Business Model

10 Jan

It’s important when you have an idea that you want to develop that you begin to understand how it’s business model might work. But wait! Don’t be frightened off. This is about a learning process, one that you can develop over time with support from people who, through experience, can offer you more advice on how this could work for you.

Fancy giving it a try?

Have a look at this video we like which quickly explains how the Business Model Canvas works. This is the model we are currently using to build how Start Up Street Stirling might work as it develops. Why not see if you can begin to build a model around one of your ideas, or another that you thought could be successful in Stirling!

Community Services Event

12 Dec

For those of you who haven’t yet met Andy Kennedy, he is the city centre manager of Stirling Council and is championing the Start Up Street Stirling project. A few weeks ago, Andy was invited along to an event held by Community Services.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I was invited along to the event by Community Services. I had previously attended the forum to inform people about the Urban Ideas Bakery. They were keen to hear of progress as some had seen the activity in King Street at the time of the ‘Start Up Street’ workshop event. The Wallace Area Forum is a quarterly meeting with community representation provided by local Community Councils. Local Councillors and Police also attend. It is an opportunity for local community councils to be kept informed of issues/challenges/ opportunities/projects etc, that impact on the area, not exclusively relevant to the geographical area covered by the individual Community Councils”

Have a look at the slides Andy presented here: