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3 Dec


From December to April Start up street Stirling will be offering a free programme that will support your idea grow and develop to flourish in Stirlings city centre.

Register for an opportunity to participate and make your ideas possible. Ideas can be businesses, enterprises, societies, organisations, events, projects, etc.

Contact us at:


Creative Heartland

21 Nov





A new exhibition aims to showcase the depth of creative talent in Stirling.


Creative Heartland is a free event, which will demonstrate the range of artistic and creative talent in Stirling and surrounding areas.

The event, on Saturday, November 24, will feature a range of exhibitors, including artists, animators, craftspeople, and photographers.

There will also be a variety of free demonstrations and advice on topics, including garden design and photography, as well as live music and a storytelling yurt. A live panel discussion will also take place in the afternoon.

The event, the first of its kind in Stirling, is being organised by the Stirling Creative Industries Forum (SCIF), a new organisation formed to further the interest of those working in the creative sector. Earlier this year, the first SCIF project, the Made in Stirling shop, was a huge success and attracted interest from across Scotland.

A spokesperson for SCIF said: “Stirling and the surrounding area is rich with creative talent and Creative Heartland will demonstrate just how much talent is out there.

 “It’s time people realised that Stirling is a hotbed of creativity.”

Stirling Council Portfolio Holder for Finance, Economy & Tourism Councillor Neil Benny said: “It is fantastic to see local creative people coming together to organise activity and promote the creative sector.  There is a wealth of talent in the Stirling area that can really help to inspire our young people. This exciting event will showcase some of the innovative businesses operating in the area that are helping to promote innovation, culture and quality new experiences.”


For further information contact 

Barry McDonald

Tartan Penguin Media

07968 141 895 /

Where Next?

27 Sep

Good question.

One that the Start Up Street team are working hard to create opportunities for.

There have been some fantastic things happening in Stirling over the past few month with the work of the Creative Industries Forum, Creative Stirling, Made In Stirling and all the effort and support from sponsors and volunteers. 

Start Up Street are looking to capture this and turn the learning into a catalyst service which supports the implementation of the ideas into other empty spaces. This isn’t a project solely about pop ups – its about change. Understanding what is possible and helping support people to create sustainable change. 

Don’t worry – you’ll hear from us again shortly, we need you to help support where the project can go next. 



Mary Portas launches High Street Review

13 Dec

“I believe that unless urgent action is taken much of Britain will lose, irretrievably, something that is fundamental to our society. Something that has real social and well as economic worth to our communities and that after many years of erosion, neglect and mismanagement, something I felt was destined to disappear forever.” 

Whatever way you look at it, Mary Portas’s enthusiasm and ideas for the High Street chime with the very concept we are trying to build at Start Up Street.  Not just to open up shops for new ventures/entrepreneurs but to build as Mary puts it;

‘…a multi functional social and shopping street…a high street to go back to what it once was…like in the Roman times, a place to debate and meet…make a place where people want to be and trade and commerce will follow.’

As she puts it, we want to build a ‘hub of activity’ that creates a team who care about the centre of the city which is not only led by Stirling City Council but the community themselves.

Start Up Street definetly falls on the Portas side of not being about ‘100% shops’ but also about the social where we can have a whole mix of activities and pop up ventures, as well as longer term incubator initiatives.

Mary Portas today launched her High Street Review for Britain with BIS.  Inside are 28 recommendations and whilst some of the media say she didn’t consult councils/planners etc on the report, I still believe it is a good start to channel our thinking on High Streets.  

My goal is to breathe economic and community life back into our high streets and town centres. I want to see all our high streets bustling with people, services and jobs. They should be vibrant places that people choose to visit. They should be destinations. Anything less is a wasted opportunity. 


It’s exciting to think that Start Up Street’s vision and Mary’s vision align and we are attempting to build just that.  We held a development day today on how to move forward with the council and really understand just how to remove some of that red tape in practical terms, and set up a ‘town team’.  We are looking at the possibility of holding a market event and giving people the opportunity to run their ventures for a day to test the concept of a Start Up Street.

More on that tomorrow.