Start Up Stirling Weekend

In September Snook transformed one floor of the Stirling Arcade into a design thinking space. We invited a wide range of stakeholders; locals, businesses and professionals in Stirling arcade.  The space acted as a physical hub to bring people together to generate ideas and consider how Start Up Street could move forward.


We worked for four days to host of events, collect ideas, understand the local assets and get a feel for the project to see if this was a worthwhile initiative to pursue. We designed room so it split into four sections. One area was dedicated to exploring assets within Stirling. We created a paper prototype made up of a map of stirling and then asked people to tag the map with their skill and talents. They also mapped out the support and services they use as well as places that could be adding more value to the area.

We created a space dedicated to capturing and exploring all the ideas the local people had for ventures in Stirling. Ideally, we will be able to develop these into solid concepts for ventures to go into shops fronts. The range of ideas was fantastic, covering everything from an indoor skating rink to a medieval cafe.

There was a The City Lab! This was a section of the room dedicated to developing a blueprint for the process of running Start Up Street. The outcomes highlighted the city lab could potentially be a physical space and or / a team and lots of things inbetween. The vast amount of material and opinions we gathered were showcased on several idea walls.

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We collected a huge amount of feedback about what already exists and ideas for what the people of Stirling would like to see happen in the future. With these views in mind, we are creating a detailed report and planning the next steps in our process which will be released shortly, and made available online here.

Check out all the photographs from the event.


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